Certified authentic Estate Noni Fruit TreeHistory of Noni Juice

For centuries the Noni plant and its extracts have been used by the Hawaiians and Polynesians to treat arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and numerous other degenerative ailments. Health Benefits of Noni. Wounds, rash, cuts and burn treatment were among other applications. It's anti-oxidant and life-prolonging properties have now become evident as the result of modern research. The use of Noni and its extracts in a preventative approach to health has been gaining in popularity in the last decade. Most noteworthy is the strong usage in Asia, South America and Europe, where it is used on a regular basis, both as a specific ailment treatment as well as a general preventative tonic to promote overall well-being. While Noni is currently being sold in many health conscious stores as a Noni juice or beverage and as Noni pills, the early Hawaiians preferred to use the dry Noni fruit. It should be noted that indeed the entire plant, the leaves, flowers, fruit, bark, stems and roots have all been used in various combinations in the over 40 documented medicinal recipes involving Noni. While it is used on a daily basis to promote good health; it is increasingly used to treat specific illnesses where conventional treatment has failed. It is anticipated that the positive research findings will continue specifically in North America with its highly disciplined disease treatment approach firmly establishing Noni and its extracts as the treatment of choice for a variety of ailments as well as it's potential as a preventative medicine.

Health Benefits of Noni

It has been discovered that Noni is among the world's highest source of cellular rejuvenating enzymes which strengthen the immune system. As a result of its beneficial effect on the body's immune system it causes a significant regeneration of the body's cells and it has been recently recognized as an anti-aging treatment. Research at the University of Hawaii finds that Noni acts as a chelating agent, which creates a biochemical balance in the body expelling toxins and maintaining healthy cell structure at basic levels. Further research conducted on mice at the same university concludes that Noni seems to help the body's immune system perform better. While at these early stages of research I can not state that Noni cures diseases and a variety of ailments; there exists however very strong evidence that individuals taking a daily regimen of Noni exhibit remarkable recoveries from a variety of ailments. These documented medical case histories are indeed astounding and with the release of these findings, a Federal Grant was given to the University of Hawaii to further conduct research on Noni as a possible cure for cancer.