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December 2001 - Keaau, Hawaii

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Recently I had the distinct pleasure of learning about the wonderful story behind and the incredible properties of Hawaii Island Noni Juice from Patrick M. Walsh, who is a noted expert and his lovely wife Natalie. Pat has spent the last 5 years researching the perfect processing methods to bring the best and smoothest tasting Noni juice to the market today.

He is a certified food and beverage executive with several European degrees to his credit. Please listen in on this intriguing discourse on Hawaii Island Noni juice.

I. Introduction to Hawaii Island Grown Noni Fruit and Estate Noni

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Patrick, please tell us about your research and experience with Hawaii Island Noni.

Patrick M. Walsh: Thank you Don, it is one of most favorite subjects. I remember when I first came to Hawaii, I had grown up in Ireland and Ireland as we know is a cold place and I really enjoyed the coastline, but it is always so cold. I came here to Hawaii 1986 I headed straight to the coast. I walked around, there were villages, and the area was full of Kalapana noni. It was just amazing how many people were fishing and how many children were playing, and I really enjoyed it and I asked the locals lots of questions. There was this tree next to where I parked my car. I had never seen a tree like it, and I asked an old man that was sitting beside it what was the name of the tree. He said that was a Noni tree. I asked him if I could eat the fruit. He said that it doesn't taste very good. I asked him what does it do, why do you have it in your yard? He said that it's a noni fruit that they use during famine and during drought.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04: I later found out that Noni called morinda citrifolia was through out the entire south pacific and is today a traditional staple food in many costal and upland nations.

A Thai chef told me that her mom feed raw noni to the family at every meal everyday as a rule.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Patrick, like you know, there are other Noni products on the market today. What makes Hawaiian Island Noni different and better?

Patrick M. Walsh: Good question Don. When you look at our product, the question that comes to my mind is why people are paying more for less. The other Noni that's out there, it has some very, very nice image, it's actually, you can go so far as to say, their bottle and their label, and the half naked warrior and the beautiful girls on the beach, that is not the point. The point is that you're going to buy a juice that works. Now we go out there and we pick about five pounds, sometimes more than five pounds, just to fill one of our bottles of noni juice.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04: I was looking at the patent filing for TNJ and I figure that there is about 7oz of noni powder in each bottle of TNJ. I one of my gold tins there are 11.4 bottles of TNJ worth of noni powder. Our tin sells for as little as US$35.00 each (2 to 4 days delivery guarantee included).

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Five pounds?

Patrick M. Walsh: Five pounds of tree ripened noni fruit.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: For one bottle?

Patrick M. Walsh: One bottle of juice. Now my calculations, if I was reading a label on one of these more popular Noni bottles, and it said that this bottle contains no less than 10% Noni from pulp. From pulp, now I said what part of it is pulp? There's no pulp. You have the fruit; you have the seed; so I figured it out. What they do is they pick the noni fruit when it is green because it's easier to handle and then they pulverize it and remove the seed. Because the Noni seed is a very, very hard seed, it's like little rocks, it's very hard to deal with, and then they freeze the pulp or they freeze-dry it and they send it to a bottling plant. Now that pulp is definitely Noni, there's no doubt about it, it came from the Noni tree. It's a much Noni as if they were grinding up the branches or the leaves or the roots, they could still say it contains 10% Noni. So you take that pulp and put it in this high-speed machine that adds water and fruit juice to it. And then they produce this bottle called Noni. I would imagine that there's no more than 4 ounces, no more than a quarter pound of green fruit in a bottle of this juice when it says 10% Noni. The rest of this stuff, the labels and the pictures and everything else is a distraction from the point. The point is, if you are going to go and buy a bottle of juice because you want to improve your well being, you got to buy our juice because it is pure and it works. So you figure, a bottle of our juice has 5 pounds of tree-ripened fruit; a bottle of their juice has a quarter pound of seedless, green frozen pulp.

Chapter 1


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