Chapter 2

II. What makes Estate Noni the best?

Patrick M. Walsh: So the result you get, is you have a product that has 10% Noni and 90% ordinary fruit juice. Why pay more for less? We add no other ingredients; we do not add other fruit juices. If you want to add fruit juice, add fruit juice; pour a little from our bottle into a glass of fruit juice. We add no colors; we add no flavor enhancers and we have this unique in house process that's only possible because we bottle our juice right here. We pick the fruit ripe, we age the fruit, and we cold press it and bottle it within seconds. It locks in the flavor and it produces a very smooth taste.

We supervise every aspect of our juice production; from the tree to the bottle. Hawaii Island House of Gold Noni Juice is a product we can vouch for.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04: Translated into dollars and cents, you would have to pay TNJ US$24.00 for every buck you give me for the same amount of noni powder.

In fairness to TNJ their bottle of Noni drink also contains dozens of other Listed possible ingredients which are indeed purchased in the USA. It also goes without saying that there are many good jobs being created in foreign countries like Tahiti where side by side young Utah based men are working with their counterparts to build a factory were TNJ production is stated to eventually move from the USA.

Chapter 2