Chapter 3

III. Health, Famine and Drought in our own body.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: During famine and drought?

PMW: Note added 12/22/04 The concept of our own bodies ‘flow' is as old as time itself. We know when we feel good we look forward to either continued good health or improved health. When there is a change in our good health we get active in trying to figure out how to fix it or return ourselves to our former state.

A simple example is when we wake up chilly we adjust the blankets and return to sleep. Even though the chill only represented a few degree drop we noticed and without too much fuss we make an adjustment and were able without even fully wakening up return to our preferred comfort or body balance.

If all health issues were as easy to remedy. It seems to me we take immediate notice of our bodies surroundings however we are not as clear as to how to get back our health. Estate Noni Pills are a perfect example of how simple good balance and flow can be like that mindless tug of an extra blanket on a chilly night.

Patrick M. Walsh: During famine and drought. So I went on and hiked all the way down the coastline and it was getting dark and I came back. And I was thirsty and I was hungry, so I figured that this would be a perfect time. So I asked him and he says help yourself, take the ripe noni fruit as it has a very clear heavy wet look to it. So I took a bite and it was awful. Just awful. So he says, well, you want to be really, really hungry and thirsty to eat it off of the tree. So over the years I had gathered lots of information about other plants and other herbs, but the Noni intrigued me. In subsequent visits to the beach, I would ask him about different things, and I asked him does he drink or eat it? He said, no but his mother does. And his mother lived up the road, so on the way back from the beach, I stopped to see her and she had a jar of it in her refrigerator. She said that everyday she takes some in the morning and some in the evening and her Grandmother did too. This woman was about 80 or 85 years old, healthy woman, and so she gave me some and it tasted pretty good but it still had a very strong taste on it. I wouldn't recommend it as an aperitif. So I went back several times and I asked her why it was only used during famine and drought. She explained to me that famine and drought don't necessarily mean the famine and drought where there is no food and there's no water, but famine and drought in reference to your own body. If you have to fish everyday, and you're sore and can't get out of bed, then you've got yourself a famine situation. You're not able to feed yourself and your family. And Noni Juice is taken to alleviate those ailments to make your sores and aches and pains go away. In Hawaiian medicines, and Hawaiian older people believe that the body will only work properly if there is a flow, and they refer to the flow that stops, as drought. So the body goes into a drought state and to get that flow going again they would take Noni juice and it would increase their metabolism and then their body functions would ready themselves to alleviate the drought that was referred to.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04 Womens Health during the early Polynesian around the time of Christ was excellent. From all accounts it was not until the arrival of the English Explorer Cook and his vessel the Resolution. It was Interesting to visit the recreation of the Resolution on a stop in Kailua Kona.

Chapter 3