Chapter 5

V. The invention of Estate Noni Juice and Powder

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Okay, that's the next question. How is the Noni juice that you produce for HHOG different?

Patrick M. Walsh: I think it's different in every way, it's different in appearance and it's different in flavor, it's pure, we don't add other fruit juices, we don't add any kind of flavor enhancers or chemical or any cleverly disguised additives that sound like they're good for you. We just basically produce a pure noni juice. How is it different? Well, I know from my experience of giving it to my friends and taking it personally, our juice works. It just simply works, Don. I mean there's no doubt about it. I was in a very bad car accident several years ago, and had a very long recovery. The doctors told me that I would be living with this type arthritic pain for years. On occasion I would go out with, we have five children, we would kick or throw the ball and I would pay the price that night. I would lay in bed with this awful, awful arthritic pain and I would go and get my anti-inflammatory medicine, my prescription medicine, and pop them and then the pain would ebb and tide but I would wake up the next morning groggy and tired so I started drinking Noni juice in the morning and Noni juice before I went to bed and before I new it, I had absolutely no stiffness in my joints at all. And then when I would listen to my friends who would come back and look for more Noni juice, they had similar stories, they found themselves with a lot more energy and it just grew from there. We found that the juice, the particular juice that we were making, we stumbled on by trial and error, but it had a nice taste and it had a very pleasant aroma. It was still pure, there was nothing added to it, it was just the process we were using was working. It was working on a wide variety of ailments.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04 Man Health is completely different to womens health in several areas.

Just the other day a friend pulled up and said that he owed his life to me. I was fast to redirect his successful recovery from a 25 year battle with blood poisoning to his openness to Noni and his steadfast resolve to get back to better health.

A regular intake of Estate Noni Pills (4 to 8 500mg a day depending on the amount of water you are comfortable drinking) will reduce the swelling in the prostrate area. Several of our friends report a fuller relief when they urinate when they take Estate Noni Pills regularly.

Women report an increase in energy and less low swings during the day.

A friend who teaches young children reported that she was taking energy drinks and energy bars several times a week just to get through the day. She suffered from low blood sugar and was borderline diabetic. She spent months in the gym working out and trying to kick start her metabolism. It was only after Robert Roos introduced he to Noni did she start the firm up and experience a fat burn and weight loss. She celebrated her 55th birthday recently looking and feeling better then her family had ever seen her.

Simply two more examples of folks who enjoyed for themselves the miracle of noni.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: That is absolutely incredible.

Patrick M. Walsh: It is absolutely amazing. And then about four years ago, I was scanning the newspaper, the morning paper one Sunday afternoon, and I saw that the University of Hawaii had received a federal grant for nearly half of a million dollars to study Noni. And I got the greatest kick out of that because for the last five years I hadn't studied Noni, I had made it and given it away and had all the evidence they needed. They didn't have to spend a penny to find out that it actually works. And then of course they did research and the conclusions of the research sent the medical world a fire they concluded that with the presence of Noni it seems very hard for the cancer cells to develop.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04: I am disappointed that the research conclusions are not published yet. However it is great to see a second round of funding was awarded so as the university can expand the scope of the research. Meanwhile thousands of folks every day, who previously suffered from ailments from soreness joint pain to cancer and its precursors like obesity and lack of sufficient flow are introducing noni to their family and friends by example. University of Hawaii News Article

Patrick M. Walsh: And what that means is that if you take Noni as a preventative, it is very unlikely that you'll develop cancer. And that's the results of the test. And not only that, but when the test went so far as to introduce Noni to where the cancer cells were, in most cases it dissolved the tumors and the cancer cells.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04: I am amazed at what conditions are simply cured with a healthy diet and 4 (500mg/ea) Estate Noni Pills twice a day. It is also really easy to demonstrate the immediate and conclusive benefit of ENP to even the most ardent doomsayer of self health.

A few years ago I stopped in to visit with an Estate Farmer on The Hamakua Coast. He had an elderly house guest who had just returned from Europe where she underwent a heart transplant. Recently released from ICU she started her 15,000 mile jet airplane trip home to (of all places) Tahiti. She was just drawing a drop of blood from her finger to use in her portable digital Blood Sugar Analyzer machine. Her diabetes was type 2 and it was causing havoc as healing was arrested when her sugar was too low or too high. Insulin three time a day was necessary. I gave her three noni pills (500mg/each) and within twenty minuets (when we took a second reading) her sugar was at an acceptable level!

She was able to skip a shot for the first time since her heart surgery. I mentioned this story to an associate Dr. Richard Troelstrup PhD and asked him to explain his own experience with noni and this rapid adjustment of the women's health.

Here is his quote:

"Recent evidence (2003) indicates that Noni* works directly on the central nervous system freely passing the blood brain barrier and affective neurotransmitter binding sites such for dopamine and nicotine. The overall effect is to return the body to it's normal healthy balance" - statement from Dr. Richard Troelstrup PhD, Current University of Hawaii Professor, 40 year research career National Institute of Health.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: The other night you were telling us the story of some research that was being done with some mice.

Patrick M. Walsh: Right.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Tell us about that.

Patrick M. Walsh: Well, there's about, I think at the last count, a lot of research is being done in secret, but he public research that's being funded by the National Institute of Health and governments and benefactors. There are about twenty-five universities right now studying Noni and the effects of Noni. The one that I was excited about was the study, the second study the University of Hawaii did. And that's where they took mice, they had one hundred mice and they put 50 mice in one, I guess, mice room and another 50 mice in another mice room and they introduced cancer cells to 50 mice, they gave the other 50 mice Noni and then introduced cancer cells. Well the first group of mice, died within 4-5 days, I think one mouse lasted 6 days. Now in the second group of 50, the average life of those mice was ninety days, one mouse even lasted 120 days. So then they took another 100 mice, these poor mice, but you know it's a contribution to our thing, it a terrible thing. But they took another 100 mice and they performed the same experiment and the results were the same. And what's interesting is, the Noni that they used for that experiment came from this lady, this Hawaiian lady that I had mentioned earlier, it came from her land. Because her Grandson started getting interested in Noni and when the university needed Noni for their experiment they contacted her and she and her son harvested the Noni and sent it to them.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04: I was surprise to hear about a University of Davis study of 63 different polynutrient groupings found in noni. I commend the faculty for assisting the undergraduates who are committed to the task. Results are years away from public access. In the meantime thousands of good folks are smiling with noni in their pockets.

The news splash new words at us every day. Just the other day I heard the term biotechnology for the thousandth time that day. Each time part of a million dollar story. I am sure some of the U of D food science doctors will discover the specific poly-cluster which is found effective on mice for specific ailments such as acne and dandruff as well as health issues which plague our bodies. I look forward to the announcement that cancer and tumors dissolve.

Headlines across the world will read:

"Noni is successful at preventing cancer"

noni juice

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Patrick, I'm drinking some of this wonderful Hawaiian Island Noni. And I have to be perfectly honest with you, I've had Noni juice in the past and it was awful. But this stuff is actually quite palatable, in fact it taste good. Tell me about the Noni, tell about the processing, tell me where this fruit comes from, and tell me what it looks like.

Patrick M. Walsh: It's very interesting but people say how do you get your juice to taste so good. What's your secret? And I said, there is no secret. You do it the way Hawaiians did it for thousands of years, you wait for the fruit to be ripe and then you pick it. So we can go to a tree, first thing in the morning, and we can take a couple of fruit off the tree that are perfectly ripe, absolutely ripe, and we can go back to the same tree after lunch and there will be one or two more fruit, and then the evening before the sun goes down, you go back to the tree and there's still even more fruit that's ripened during the day. Noni loves sun, it loves sun and it loves rain and it just seems to grow so well in our volcanic soil. Now when you consider the amount of lava that's being pumped out of our volcano everyday for the last 12 years now. You can see that all this newly formed land is spouting with Noni. What was hot lava a couple of years ago, is now wild Noni. And when you think of the undeletable micronutrients of that lava, and the incredible taste and medicinal potency of our juice, it comes of no secret and we're just blessed to have these elements. This pacific trade winds, the warm rains that we get everyday. So the tree produces, it is the most incredible tree you've ever seen. It's called morinda citrifolia and the Latin name was derived from the fact that the fruit belongs to the mulberry family and the leaf looks like a citrus tree. So they have morinda citrifolia. And what happens with the tree is the fruit on the tree, fruits year-round. And the same tree will have blossoms, little white flowers and it'll have mature fruit and ripe fruit 12 months out of the year. And if you look closely you'll see that the branch makes the fruit first, and then the new fruit flowers. Where as if you look at most fruit trees, first the flower comes, then the fruit. Well, this is very unique, it has a little green fruit and then the flower, when the flower drops off, the fruit swells and gets bigger and bigger and bigger until some cases it can weigh as much as a pound.

Koa Hara family estate noni farm
A young Estate Noni family in their Noni Orchard
Located in Keaau, Hawaii

So that's our secret, we don't pick our fruit until the fruit is ripe, ripe on the tree. And that's makes the sweetest juice.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04: The process is called the Isofractionization System tm

It requires 29 precise steps to make our Estate Noni Juice. Our ENP are made using a method of drying, folding and wrapping the noni powder in such a manner as to increase the amount of active enzymes to safely pass through the stomach harsh acid and arrive safely in the first intestines. We call the Chrystosurfactinization Method™ a proprietary method

A few Estate Noni Pills with a bottle of water will provide you with an energy drink with lasting health benefits.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: A little earlier before we started taping, you were telling my wife and I the story of how people literally drive up to your house to get Noni. Tell me why.

Patrick M. Walsh: Well, why they do it. Well, they run out, they run out of Noni.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: So it must not taste bad. It must be palatable, they can drink it.

It works. I don't know how it started. I'm like a rich man throwing coins into beggar's dishes, into their caps and bowls. When I see somebody, we have lots of friends and a lot of acquaintances, and I look at them and I say “how are you feeling?”, and they say that they have a sore back or a headache. And I say, why don't you try this juice? If you know them, and they trust you, they will take it. And you simply say, just pour it over some ice, or mix it with some water, take some before you go to bed, take some in the morning before you eat. Try and finish the bottle in 7, 8, or 10 days and tell me how you feel after that. But what happens is, and this might sound like an exaggeration, my wife is here, she'll attest to this, I've given away hundreds of bottle of Noni juice over the years. Not one person did not come back. Does that make sense?

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Not one person, did not come back. They're returning?

Patrick M. Walsh: Everybody. Every single person comes back. What happens is, they tell their wife, this is usually what happens; I'll see a guy and we'll be talking at the hardware store and he'll be limping or complaining about this or that. And I'll say, “Hey, you want some Noni juice?” And I'll usually carry some around in the car, because you don't have to refrigerate it, if it's not opened, you don't have to refrigerate it. And I'll give him a bottle of juice and I'll say my name is Patrick Walsh and ask anyone and they'll know where I live. I'm in the phone book. And then a couple a days later I'll hear beep, beep in the driveway, and we live in a very rural area, we get two cars a day coming down our road. And Natalie, without even looking, she's says must be someone you know. Our friends don't beep when they come to the house, they just walk in. So I go outside, and I see the car and I see the driver and I'm trying to think where did I meet this guy, what is this guys name. This is the second time I'm meeting him. So today, for example we had three people come up our driveway and ask for more juice. I remember a couple of weeks ago, I didn't have any juice at home, it was all at the factory and a man came up and he says that his wife is really enjoying the juice. She has really bad arthritis, three days after drinking it, it's gone. She walking around. There watching their five young grandchildren while his son and daughter-in-law are on a trip and mobility is a huge factor for his wife. She ran out of noni juice. Well, so did I; I didn't have any juice at the house. Well he says, I can't go home without juice. I have to bring juice home or my wife is going to kill me. So I said where you live and I'll bring it to you. So I came back to the house and my wife Natalie said, “it's bad enough that they are coming to our house all day, now you're delivering it?” I've given away bottle, just to give you an idea of some of the testimonies or some of the stories I've heard.

Chapter 5