Chapter 6

VI. Introducing a new Estate Noni Product

Ache, arthritis, arthritis is a no brainer, arthritis is virtually three days after you start drinking the juice, you'll notice a huge difference if you suffer from arthritis.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04: The concept of having an inside and out treatment for pain that was made from traditional and organic Hawaii grown products became a quest for me. I am now into a four year project called “ The Kolu Line”. Using the Chrystosurfactinization Method™ I developed a final batch recently that is just amazing.

Robert Roos stated:
“When we used the Kolu Line product my clients experienced immediate and enduring decrease in the pain associated with joint stiffness from Arthritis and muscle injury. “

He continued to explain:

“The stretching and warm-up that folks in their 30's and older require before a calorie burning workout is shortened when we take the Kolu Line…the fat burn is more effective with less effort. A double benefit. “

The Kolu Line will prove to be a great product for someone looking for a more pain free focused energy. A great dietary supplement that provides a better defense to germs; an health immune booster. Product will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2005.

Asthma, if you break a bone, or if you have had surgery recently.

Definitely Noni juice, immediately after your surgery.

Cancer. I've spoken about it earlier, the research on cancer; the preventative aspect of Noni and cancer is a no-brainer.

Constipation. I don't know anything that keeps you more regular than Noni juice.

Depression. We have a friend, a very interesting story; she's 67 years old. I'm going to call her and ask her if we can use her name in a testimony, it's just an incredible story, her husband died 11 years ago, she's a Hawaiian lady, she takes medication for diabetics and medication for her depression. She has four daughters, she lives with one of the daughters, the other daughters next door to her, they have about eleven grandchildren and they go over to her house or she goes to their house every night for family meals, family dinner, it's called Hawaiian style. So my wife went visiting, and she was sitting in the corner and every time a kid came by, she would yell at them quiet down, stay quiet and she was just...So she said what's wrong with Tutu? And the daughter explained that that's just the way Tutu is, ever since her husband died. So at the end of the evening, Natalie brought the bottle of Noni juice out of the car. They had heard of Noni juice, they had never drank it before. And poured everyone a glass and gave Tutu who was sitting in the corner a glass of juice and she commented that her mother used to drink it, she drank it. The next morning 7:00-7:30, the phone rings and I answered the phone, we get a lot of calls from the Mainland so we get up early in the morning, and it was this woman. I didn't know that Natalie had given this juice to her and she introduced herself and she said that she needs more juice. So I said sure, we'll get it to you, and I hung up. I didn't get her name or where she lived. So I mentioned it to Natalie, and she said ‘Oh, that must have been Tutu'. We brought her some more juice, less than a week later she had her regular doctors appointment, her blood sugar was normal. And when she took her depression medicine, she told the doctor that she felt kind of funky. The doctor told her to stop taking it. About a week later, she came with her whole family to our house to thank me for changing her life. And I said don't thank me, thank the juice and thank the fact that some Hawaiian lady down at the beach, many years ago, shared the juice with me.

PMW Note added 12/26/04: As of today its more than three years since this occurred, as it turns out better nutrition, less store bought energy drinks and energy bars and more Estate Noni Pills500mg

Kidney problems

PMW: Note added 12/22/04: Gout is curable with our Estate Noni Pill. I have seen several friends recover rapidly from gout. Within a few days immediate relief from the pain caused by poor circulation. The toes and feet are first to recover with our noni. One friend with bed ridden gout condition recover literally days before scheduled amputation surgery because he gave it a chance when all else failed him.

Low energy. Everybody that is looking for a little bit more energy, seems to go to Noni for it. Noni tends to give people a lot more energy.

  • Menstrual problems

  • Pain

  • Rheumatism

  • Throat Infections

Weight Loss. A good buddy of mine, he's 20, I though he was 25 pounds overweight. He's a martial arts expert, he has two or three black belts, he had his own dojo for 17 years, and he shut his dojo down and he started his own business as a courier service. He spends his whole day sitting down, driving trucks. And as a result of his life change he gained a lot of weight, he has this belly. So I gave him a bottle of Noni juice and he says, “What do I do with this? Do I pour this on me, it smells awful”. And I says, drink it. So he drank it. He came back and he said for 15 years he's been taking medication for his acid reflux problem and he doesn't have any need for the medication now. Completely went away in 7 days. He's lost 25 pounds the first month, without trying. What he says is making him lose weight, is that he is not craving the between the meals snacks. He's on the road all the time, he's always running in for a quick snack or succumbing to the big banner with the juicy burger on them for 99 cents. He said that he's not hungry during the day.

PMW: Note added 12/22/04: Body Balance is only possible when we feel good about ourselves. When we loose an inch it suddenly gives up a new sense of getting ourselves or health back in harmony with our surroundings. A benefit too is that folks who feel in control get along with others with much less energy effort.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: So somehow it seems to be regulating blood sugar for him.

Patrick M. Walsh: For him, that's what it does. He said that he gave some of his juice to a friend of his and her blood sugar went down to normal after 22 years.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Wow, that's fantastic.

Patrick M. Walsh: It's incredible.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Tell me about energy. You were telling us the story, your wife paddles canoe.

Patrick M. Walsh: Oh yes, my wife is quite an athlete, she paddles canoe. When you have the image of someone paddling canoe, you're thinking a lake, couple of oars, nice day.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Oh, kind of the lazy paddling.

Patrick M. Walsh: Little picnic basket. Forget that. These girls, there's 6 in a canoe, she just came back on Saturday, they had paddled in a race, I think it was eighteen miles nonstop from one cove to the next. The other day it was 52 miles, they jump out of the canoe every five miles and put fresh paddlers in and then they take a 20-minute break. So if you can imagine Don, you're in the open ocean, there are five foot swells, the canoe is nearly vertical, half the paddlers, no matter how far they reach the paddle won't touch the water, and down it comes crashing again for five hours. It's mind-boggling. Well Natalie, trains hard of course, you have to prepare yourself for these types of races. Before, an hour before her practice, she takes Noni. In the water bottle that they carry on the canoe, they put Noni juice in it. They mix Noni juice with water. One day Natalie left for practice and it's about a twenty miles trip from our house to the canoe club and Natalie was half way there when she turned around and came home. And she said, I forgot something. So I said, did you forget your paddle or your gloves? No, I forgot my Noni juice; I am not going out there without my Noni juice.

An indispensable part...

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Natalie and her whole crew drink Noni juice. They say that it gives them a sustained energy that nothing else can. Now Don, they have access to these health magazines for triathletes.

Patrick M. Walsh: Right. If you've ever seen those magazines, they're as thick as a phone book full of products. Complex mega this and mega that and mega iron and maximum energy and this product is a very simple product. It's Noni, Noni juice poured in your bottle of water, leave it on your desk, put it in your bicycle bottle, carry it in your fanny back when you're mountain climbing, that's all you need.

That's it right there.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Hawaii Island Noni is creating quite a stir on the Big Island. It's developing a following locally, you shared a actually kind of a funny story about how it kind of came back to you.

Patrick M. Walsh: Yeah Don. I was at a picnic with my family and it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we were playing volleyball. Now I'm not that tall, and when you play volleyball, especially close to the net, you have to be able to jump up and stop the other guy from spiking it. Well all afternoon my buddy spiking the ball, spiking the ball and I had about enough so I went and laid down on the picnic blanket waiting for lunch and he kept on trying to get me to come back on to the volleyball court and I said no let's take a break and just have a picnic. He says you need more energy; you need to drink Noni juice. Now I hadn't mentioned to him anything about Noni juice, I hadn't given him any Noni juice. And I sat up and I said, Noni juice, where are you getting that juice from, you're not getting it from me. And he says, no I don't want your Noni juice, I got my own supply of Noni juice. And I said, well if you're not getting it from me then you're Noni juice isn't that good because I have the best Noni juice. Nope he says, I'm not switching to any other Noni juice, this is the best Noni juice that there is. So I said, what makes you juice so good? And he said that it tastes smooth and it works, gives me energy, like I've never had before. So I say, mine taste good and it works too. So anyway, we were going back and forth for a little while, he was telling me about how it has all these important compounds and enzymes and I was listening to him thinking, man, somebody else has come out with a juice that sounds better than mine. So I asked him where he got it from. He said that he got it from his personal trainer Robert. And I laughed because I'm giving Robert the Noni juice so he's actually getting the juice from a friend of mine whose giving it to some of his client's in the gym.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: And he's drinking your juice.

Patrick M. Walsh: He's drinking my noni juice. So when I told him that I give Robert the juice and Robert's giving it to you, so you're drinking my Noni juice.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: So here are two gentlemen at a volleyball game fighting about the same noni juice.

Patrick M. Walsh: Exactly. He's telling me how smooth it tasted and how effective it was and he was trying to get me to stop taking the juice that I'm making to switch over to the juice that he's drinking and it winds up to be my juice in the end. So it's funny how in a small community, you give some juice to a person who really has it in their heart to help other people and they see somebody at a gym or somebody that they know through the stories we've spoken about Don, there are lots of people we know in our family and friends in our office and in school that could do with a little pizzazz or a little kick or just a little help and it's so easy. Just give them a little noni juice and say, try it, try it for 7 days, try and finish the bottle in 10 days, let me know what you think.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: There are so many stories. I've heard you tell stories about people who have been helped. Other people, just so many stories I've heard about this wonderful juice. I'm so glad that we have been able to share some of those stories with the people listening. Now, one more thing; prostate.

Patrick M. Walsh: Prostate.

DR. DON HASHIMOTO: Prostate. I mean there are so many products on the market these days. Men are being told to get a yearly prostate checkup. As we get older, we lose testosterone causing an enlargement of the prostate gland. How is this Noni juice helpful for this condition?

Patrick M. Walsh: I could only quote some of the research being done. If you go online, go to a search engine, type in the work Noni juice, within the top two or three you'll see anticancer, cancer preventative. The research that's coming out is all pointing to the same conclusion. That if you take Noni juice, or if you have Noni juice present, the mutant DNA cells that cause prostate cancer can't form. They simply can't take hold. Somebody said that if you live long enough you'll die with prostate cancer and that's normal. But what's happening today with our diets and stressful lives we have, more and more people seem to be getting prostate cancer at an earlier age. Millions every year are either getting the bad news that they are developing it or starting on a heavy medication or chemotherapy to try and arrest or stop the spreading of these mutant DNA cancer cells.

Chapter 6


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