Chapter 7

VII. Isofractionization Systemô and Chrystosurfactinization Methodô

A major breakthrough has occurred with Patrick's recent proprietary invention; The Isofractionization System ™. and Chrystosurfactinization Methodô, two revolutionary ways to process Noni Fruit. The separation and concentration of the essential active ingredients in the Noni fruit results in a juice and powder morinda citrofolia that tests with such outstanding results that it is no surprise that Estate Noni is the world's best. This multi step process not only renders extremely potent Noni extract, but it maintains it's freshness and does not break down over time as many of the other Noni products on the market. In addition to the obvious beneficial physical attributes through The Isofractionization System ™ and Chrystosurfactinization Methodô;, this condensed state allows for more economical shipment in distribution both for Estate Noni Juice and Estate Noni Pills.

The Isofractionization System™ and Chrystosurfactinization Method™ has opened the door for the highest quality concentrated Hawaiian Noni to be used in many new exciting applications.

Patrick M. Walsh: “I had to make it possible to deliver my products further than the front step of my home. Over the past years, I had literally made and given away hundreds of gallons of fresh Noni Juice to family and friends who came to visit. Many of them traveled from the other islands and parts of the mainland USA, Europe and even several Asian countries including China”

“I had to make it possible for them to take our juice back home without it turning or spoiling. All fresh juices will spoil when it becomes oxidized, even for a short period of time like a few hours. This souring can indicate that the juice is fresh (traditional), that it is also very active enzymatically. So after a few years of trial and error, I developed two methods to make it possible for Noni to travel and remain shelf stable at all temperatures for extended periods of time (longevity is very important in the space program) and when it is then used, it still is a traditional Noni product. I call it The Isofractionization System™ and Chrystosurfactinization Methodô;

“Sounds complicated and I suppose it could be, however it is very simple. Tradition always was simple.”

“I love to get fresh organic Noni from estate farmers and a few days later Isofractionize and Chrystosurfactionize products”

“From what I've seen so far these last few years, we are heading into the lives of lots of good people who want to benefit from Noni and we will fit nicely into every smart – shoppers basket. One Estate Grown, tree ripened, hand picked Noni fruit at a time”

- Patrick Walsh

Chapter 7