I am a personal trainer into nutrition. I take Noni in the morning on an empty stomach and again in the afternoon. The Noni is excellent at cleansing my body so I can get better nutrient absorption from my food and so my body can respond better. I have noticed the Noni has given me a lot of energy and strength! I especially like it for my joints. I am looser all over, my body is not so stiff. I am 54 and can stand next to the young guys and feel good! Robert Roos

Noni Is Aiding Stroke Victim!

My dad has had two strokes that has weakened his right side. He would wake up each morning with his right foot swollen and unable to walk. He doesn't take any medication, he just relies on his faith. Elaine Needham introduced the Noni juice to my dad and encouraged him to drink it. My dad is a native of Tonga. After, using the Non Juice for over a month his right side feels stronger, the swelling came down, he feels peppy, lively, and energetic. Wants to work on the vegetable farm he has started. He loves the Noni juice taste and plans to stay on it. God bless this company. I will start drinking it myself also. Mahalo, Lota Pooi (Maui)

Estate Noni Juice - 1776ml
Estate Noni Juice

Radiation therapy had left me in a weakened and lethargic state, but only after 4 days of taking Noni,
there was a marked increase in energy and a sense of well-being.
D.L.T. Ph.D.

The doctor always schools me on my cholesterol levels because they're always too high. In the past, I would stay away from all the bad foods and I still had high levels. Nothing I tried ever brought it down, but now it's below 195 from 227. Noni is the only thing that it could be. I didn't change my diet or anything else.
I've had arthritis in my fingers. The doctor confirmed it and gave me a prescription I didn't want to take due to side effects. I started taking Noni instead and after 2 months, the pain hasn't come back.
I got great results for the pain from the damage in my lower back too. If I feel it at all, it's a very dull pain.
My energy has increased tremendously and my stamina as well. I can work all day now.
I just take the Noni and one multi-vitamin and that's it! Gerard Silva

I started taking Noni about two and a half months ago. I've noticed that it helps to suppress my appetite. It has been helping me not to eat on the go. I've lost almost 24 pounds since I've been taking Noni, and I can't complain. Noni gives me a lot of energy too. I sent some to my mom because she has a friend who has diabetes and it has been helping him as well. He's dropped his blood sugar levels considerably in just 5 weeks.
This Noni is a very good product! M. Klink

After taking Hawaii Island Noni for two months, my grey hair is returning to it natural color, to my amazement.
I also have had sleeping problems for years and have noticed that I am now sleeping much better than before.
I find that I have lost a little weight, which I needed to do. L. Hamilton


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