Noni Is Giving Me Energy!

Just before I was introduced to Hawaii Island Noni, I was chronically fatiqued, dealing with a stressful family situation, had just had my mercury filling removed and needed to detox. Being in a strict budget, I had not purchased anything for those needs. I started to take Noni in November of 2002. My results have been totally amazing. I haven't taken naps that I needed practically everyday. My energy level is really high now. I have minimal menopausal symptoms. I feel more balanced and can deal with the stress in a much better way. My friends tell me I am glowing, so it has also improved my skin and also my hair is much healthier and less grey than before. I take Noni twice a day and it has changed my overall well-being, and one more thing, I have lost some weight! Aloha, Judiana Albertson

Noni Is Giving Me Energy and Decreasing Hunger!

Aloha, I am twenty seven years old and have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, athsma and was also found to have a heart murmur at the age of eleven. So when HHG Distributor Judiana Albertson heard about my mental problem to do with anxiety and depression, she told me about this product called Noni. All I knew about Noni was that the Hawaiians used it as a remedy for sickness and also during their drought season as supplement for food. I never thought it could be used for other ailments. After talking to Judiana, I waited a month, then asked to try it for myself. Thus, I began the first month with Noni pills. At first I noticed nothing until my third day when I started feeling less hungry and more energized and more clear thinking. Now, I find my body more comfortable in my mind and soul. My mind is able to clear itself of bad thoughts and am able to use good thoughts that have been hiding for so long. My body is reconnecting like it should have been and I am happy and I looking forward to more good to come. A great Big Mahalo to Dr. Don Hashimoto and John and to my friend, Judiana. Thank you and God Bless all of you. Darlene Gusman.

Noni Has Eliminated My Arthritis!

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee. I was having problems. Range and flexibility was very poor. My biggest concern was that I wouldn't be able to walk one day. Since I've been on Noni for 3 months I can do everything. I am very pleased and happy! Eileen Chow

Noni Is Eliminating Pain and Need for Motrin!

For many years, I have taken Motrin to help my back injury that I got on the job in Honolulu. I am a native of Tonga. Elaine Needham shared with me this wonderful Noni product and encouraged me to drink the Noni juice and wean off the Motrin. I would take 4 to 8 tablets of Motrin a day, sometimes more because of the pain. I also, have bad arthritis that feels like gout. Since, I have been taking the Noni for over two months. I have not used a tablet of Motrin. I feel terrific and I can do alot of woodcarving. This is my love and my passion. Mahalo, Tevita Lotoaatu (Maui) Estate Noni Juice - 1776ml
Estate Noni Juice

Noni Is Keeping Asthma At Bay!

Estate Noni Juice - 1776ml
Estate Noni Juice
As a child I have grown-up with the Noni juice, squeezing the pulp to make the medicine for my dad, who was a great fisherman. He opens his day thanking Akua (God) for all the blessings that he has given to him and drinks his Noni juice. He also, was a la'au lapa'au (hawaiian medicine healer) . I would also, hold my nose and drink the puree liquid for my asthma condition. Since, I have been taking the Noni juice. I have stopped taking my modern prescription medicines for my asthma because of the toxicity that it builds in my system. I have used this Noni juice (love the taste!) for over two months and I have not had an episode of any asthma attacks. I have lots of allergies especially to cigarette smoking. Thank you Judianna, Dr. Don, and John. I believe you got a blessed product for everyone. Mahalo, Elaine Needham (Maui)


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