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Patrick M. Walsh Hawaii Patrick M. Walsh has been actively involved in ethnobotanical research and food chemistry since 1985. Estate Noni founder, has an extensive background in Food Science and Nutrition. He holds several European and American degrees and has published papers and conducted extensive work on Noble Proteins and Advanced Food Systems (DIT 1980 – 84, Dublin, Ireland). He arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1986 and immediately realized the unlimited potential in naturally occurring foods and plants indigenous to Hawaii and it's relevance to the growing market for natural foods, herbs and spices.

As a result of extensive community involvement and charitable work involving senior citizen groups he became aware of the prevalent local Hawaiian practices using native plants and extracts to treat a variety of maladies, and surprisingly enough the beneficial results from this treatment. After marrying a young lady from Hilo, Hawaii and raising a family he was given access and had the opportunity to research many long standing family recipes using plants both as a food source, flavor enhancer, and most significantly as endemic medicine. Of course many plants and their applications were already known such as Aloe, Awapuhi, Ginger and others; but the plant that made the largest impression on Mr. Walsh was a relatively lesser known species called Noni la'au, which grew quite freely on family land and throughout certain regions of the Big Island.

During the following years Mr. Walsh learned of the curative and restorative properties of Noni and of its virtual anonymity outside of the South Pacific. He quickly focused his attention on Noni and started learning as much as humanly possible about this wonderful plant and its harvestable fruit. He has become one of the leading authorities on Noni, its cultivation, chemistry, and applications as a natural medicinal. As a result of the past 18 years of research he has been able to successfully breakdown many of the key components in Noni, condensing it for potency, freshness, portability and yield, at the same time developing a number of useful applications. The method referred to as Chrystosurfactinization Method™ (Chrysofact) refers to a 29 step process from harvest to capsule.


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